The Perfect Realtor for Triangle Real Estate Investors

Triangle real estate investors, whether residential, multi-family, commercial or industrial oriented, will find that the pool of real estate professionals best qualified to serve them is actually somewhat small.  The vast majority of Realtors are residentially and consumer oriented, and that’s not a bad thing.  Someone has to serve them, pointing out neighborhood amenities and home features like a gourmet kitchen and a great garage workshop.  Problems may surface however when a real estate agent is not qualified for real estate investment services.

Rodney McNabb with MainStreet Realty Services understands the unique needs of the real estate investor.  Even when the desired property is a single family residential home, Triangle real estate investors have a very different set of concerns and evaluation criteria than the family buying a residence.  Sure, some of the same things apply, like the neighborhood amenities and home features. Renters want the same things that buyers do, but that’s where the similarities in evaluation end.

Triangle real estate investors love the numbers, not the home

Rodney has also done some real estate investing, and we have a firm grounding in the characteristics that make a property a good real estate investment.  Let’s use residential rental property investment as an example.

  • Potential rental income:  We are constantly monitoring the Raleigh rental home market.  Each neighborhood is unique in certain ways, and rents can vary considerably.  Before any signatures on offers, the sharp investor must know with reasonable certainty the monthly income the property will generate.  Cash flow is a primary concern.
  • Rental potential in the future:  Another factor in monitoring the market is to have a handle on the economy, job prospects, business movements and other factors influencing rental demand.  MainStreet Realty Services helps our Triangle real estate investors to assess the future performance of their rental properties.
  • Costs of ownership:  Sure, the consumer home buyer does have some concern about taxes and other costs of ownership, such as insurance.  However, those go into escrow and are minimized by the desire to just know the monthly mortgage payment.  The investor must quantify these costs and factor them into the ROI calculation, and also have some clue as to how these costs may change in relation to the market and rents they can charge in the future.
  • Management & marketing costs:  Raleigh real estate investors want to keep their vacancy costs down, as well as their non-payment costs.  There are costs involved, such as background checks, marketing and advertising, and professional fees.
  • Discount to current market value:  Successful investors know that starting out right means equity when they leave the closing table.  This provides a value cushion, but it’s also just good business.

The property acquisition process is more aggressive

Rodney understands that Triangle real estate investors often work with a strategy of multiple offers to sift through and bring out the best bargains.  He isn’t hesitant to work with investor clients to make offers on as many homes as desired.  He can support the active investor in their quest for that one deal they can get at the deepest discount to value.

Rodney also understands that the sharp investor will be making lower offers than the average buyer.  We’re not hesitant to support their investing style and help them to add profitable properties to their portfolio.  We also understand the 1031 Exchange process and know how to facilitate our investor client property upgrades.

Triangle real estate investors have come to know Rodney McNabb with MainStreet Realty Services as a top notch resource for their business.  Contact Rodney at should you have any questions about real estate investing, or are ready to acquire your first (or next) property.